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In this section we describe a number of exercises to help you develop your nonviolent campaigns and actions. These exercises can be used during nonviolence trainings, workshops and group meetings. Exercises help make our time together more participatory and contributes to the process of learning and building capacities among participants.

The exercises we have collected come from a variety of sources, following the rich history of using exercises to strengthen our work in nonviolence. Many times these exercises have been adapted and changed during the course of the years. We expect that you will do the same, changing these exercises to meet your needs.

Most of the exercises shared in this section can be used for different purposes, we give you some recommendation for where and how to use them best,and tips for the facilitator/trainer.

We hope you find these exercises useful in your process of building nonviolent campaigns, and that they motivate you to search for more exercises and to develop exercises of your own, to continue to enrich the repertoire of exercises of the nonviolence movement.

Intellectual property

Only a few of these exercises have been 'credited' as having been designed by particular trainers or training groups. We apologise in advance to anybody who feels they should have been credited as the author of a particular exercise. Please let us know so that we can rectify this on the web and in future printed editions. However, most exercises used in nonviolence training have been passed on from group to group, each being adapted according to new situations or styles.

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