In the foreground an activist stands in a DIY checkpoint barrier. Others hold banners in Belgian, protesting arms sales to Saudi Arabia

Belgium: activists successfully stop Saudi arms ship from docking in Antwerp

Activist in Belgium have successfully stopped a Saudi ship transporting weapons from the US, Canada and Europe from docking in the port of Antwerp.

A large cannon is fired in desert terrain. A number of soldiers stand around the side.

War profiteer of the month: Nexter Systems

Nexter Systems is a French state-owned company building a wide range of military vehicles, artillery, weapons and ammunition used by the French military and sold around the world.

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Call out for the Broken Rifle 112: Women's role in antimilitarist campaigning

For the April 2020 issue of our Broken Rifle magazine, we would like to reflect on the role of women in our antimilitarist campaigning, and the links between gender and our peace work. Would you like to contribute?

video games booklet call out poster saying 'militarisation of video games' on it

Call for articles: Militarised video games

We are asking for your contributions for our new booklet on understanding the militarised video games industry and how to counter this narrative. Violence promoted by means of popular culture is one of the key ways militaristic narrative is normalised in society. The video games industry is increasingly becoming part of this. Once we understand it, we will all be better at countering this narrative.