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Name: Consequences of fear

Time: 1 hour or longer

Goal or purpose of the exercise

To share and analyse the causes and consequences of fear

How it's done/facilitator's notes

Ask the members of the group to refer to an experience when they felt fear. Divide into small groups so that everyone can participate. One person takes notes about the consequences of fear. Afterwards, in a plenary write up the central ideas on the wall. An other option is to make a drawing of a situation where they felt fear. Discuss the drawing, focusing on the subjective experience (what you thought, how you felt, what happened to your body, how did you reacted, etc.), not simply re-constructing the facts.

Trainers notes

It is important to end the exercise discussing the value of the various alternatives that we can use against fear, to end on the positive. It is important that the exercise helps the people to share experiences, identify their reactions and to know better how to deal with problems.

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