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1) We are firmly determined for nonviolence in our thoughts, opinions, words and behaviour, even when provoked by police or when it uses violence against us.

2) We are going to be open and honest towards everybody, without distinction.

3) The purpose of our protest is not political. Its intention is obvious: the unconditional release of premises, buildings and campus of the University.

4) We do not try to defeat our adversary, but we are demanding the respect of human rights and civil freedoms equally for all people.

5) We are not going to use violence against private and public property or against different ownership; we do not want to damage them.

6) We are not going to arm ourselves or use any kinds of arms.

7) Everybody who provokes the police will be considered a police informer.

8) If the police intervene brutally, this is not a sign that we ought to be violent as well.

9) We are not going either to call out slogans and whistle or to make other kind of gesticulations, because we want to show our determination and will with our attitude.

10) If anyone - a protester or a supporter - uses violence against the police or somebody else, we shall do our utmost to prevent and stop their violence.

11. We have decided to stick to the instructions and orders of the Organizing Council for protests at the level of the University of Prishtina and of keepers and maintainers of order in the protests.

Organization Council, University of Prishtina Students Independent Union, 27 October 1997.

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