Andrew Metheven

Constructive programmes aim to prefigure a different world, by understanding and replacing forms of power-over and violence in its direct, structural and cultural forms with structures and ways of relating that build grassroots power-with and power-within, that are emancipatory, democratic, and not structurally or culturally violent. Constructive programmes work alongside – not in addition, or separately – from direct acts of resistance, campaigning, and direct action.

In summary, constructive programmes:

  1. Address forms of structural and cultural violence that are impacting a community

  2. Challenge forms of power-over that are impacting the community from the outside, and that characterise relationships internally,

  3. Empower individuals and the community - building power-with and power-within – as the community sets about meeting their own needs. They provide space and opportunity to participate in active nonviolent resistance and direct action.

  4. Redistribute power and resources to the community most effected by decisions

  5. Prefigure a future in the present, exemplify an alternative


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