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Name: Tree and wind

Time: 30 minutes

Goal or purpose of the exercise

Trust games help to highlight situations of insecurity or fear, and of confidence in yourself and the group

How it's done/facilitator's notes

Form a tight circle of 6-7, with one person placed in the middle. The person in middle should be told to place their feet solidly on the ground, close their eyes and let themselves fall to one side (as if you were a tree being moved by the wind). The rest of the group is around him or her, with their hands in front of their bodies and they pass the person that is in the middle from one to the other, without any brusque movement and not letting the person in the middle fall. It's important that all in the circle are coordinated to make the tree move from one side to the other. After a minute, another person from the group goes to the middle. It's important that all the people can participate, so that they can share their experiences.

After the game:

Write on a big sheet of paper the feelings and experiences that everyone had during the game. 2) After that, relate these impressions to fear. Compare some real situations where fear appears or some consequences of it, with what the group has said.

After that summarize the consequences of fear

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